We are located in Adams County, Ohio and we purchase seasonal culinary mushrooms.

How We Buy

What we pay fluctuates with the season, we also hunt mushrooms, so we generally know how well the season is producing and set our purchase prices accordingly! We schedule appointments Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. We meet in public places in West Union. We don't buy more than 10 pounds per appointment. We don't wait long if you miss your time!

You send us an email stating you're interested in selling what we're buying. State when you'll have them. Also tell us how many pounds (approximate) you intend to sell. You can approximate by telling us for example "1/2 of a five gallon bucket", "three plastic kroger bags full", "1 large kroger paper bag", etc. We're just looking for ballpark guess as to what to expect.

We respond by email with what we're paying per pound along with the dates and times you can choose to meet us.

You choose a date and time and return that email to us.

We'll confirm the appointment and let you know where we'll be meeting.

Please follow the guidelines outlined for "What We Want" and "STORAGE". Also understand "What We'll Reject" outlined on the same page.

When we hit the limit of what we're buying, we'll post that at this website and/or we'll let you know by email.



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